Spiced Banana Pina Coladas!

So, were having a scorching start to the summer so far and for me that means cocktails in the sun! Who doesn’t like a good pina colada?! This a real simple one to make at home too, and will definitely impress your guests.
What you will need:

Banana spiced pina colada

  • Blender of some type, I personally use a nutribullet for all my blended cocktails.
  • measuring jig (ml),
  • Sailor Jerry spiced rum and Old J spiced rum. (If you can’t get hold of these maybe go for Captain Morgans spiced. ) Both sailor Jerry and Old J have vanilla and lime essence running through them already.
  • Bananas… I know these aren’t in a standard recipe, but who likes just standard!
  • Nutmeg, whole if you want to grate it, ground if you don’t!
  • Coconut milk,
  • Pineapple juice,
  • Fresh lime,
  • Ice and a chilled glass.


Method for 1 glass:

Put a small scoop of ice (around 6 cubes) into your blender. Next add the juice of half a fresh lime, half of a ripe banana, 50ml of coconut milk, 25ml of Old J rum, 25ml Sailor Jerry rum, 100ml of pineapple juice. Blitz all this together until the ice and the banana has broken down.

I personally do not put ice in my glass as the cocktail will already have a slight frozen feel to it, hence why i just have a chilled glass. As you pour you mix into the glass you should have a nice foamy top which is perfect for where we sprinkle some nut meg onto. Garnish with whatever you like! go sophisticated with a pineapple leaf or mint sprig, or go classic with a fresh pineapple wedge and cherry, have fun with it!


Cheers, Billy


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