Summer G&T’s – Lamb and Watt tonic

Okay, so as I have mentioned before, we LOVE gin. There are so many gins out there on the market now that our choices seem simply endless! But, regardless of how good your gin is, unless you get yourself a premium tonic, its always only going to be ‘just a G&T’ in my opinion.


You’re all probably quite familiar with the current tonic brand leaders at the moment such as Fever-Tree or Fentimans. Now don’t get me wrong, these taste really good and I’m a sucker for the Mediterranean Fever-Tree, but! theres a new tonic on the market that I think is going to start to rival these top two if it gets the traction it deserves!

I first discovered Lamb & Watt tonic at Taste of London festival this year and can honestly say it was a taste sensation! They currently have four flavours on the market; Original, basil, cucumber and hibiscus. The flavours are so clear and fresh, and I know it sounds silly to say but the cucumber one literally tastes like you have just cut fresh cucumber and put it in, or when you try the basil tonic its like you have put half a dozen basil leaves in. I was quite shocked at how good they taste. They are all made using spring water from the lake district which may be the secret of their taste!

Im a big fan of the hibiscus & basil tonics at the moment. I bought a selection online when I got home from Taste and have used them all already! I honestly cannot recommend these enough, definitely worth a try! Plus you can get them from between 79p and £1.19 per bottle depending on how many you buy. I bought mine from but they are appearing on various other online sites now.


Here is a really simple summery G&T to accompany those BBQs!

IMG_1306What you will need:

Gin! I will let you decide, but for this one try not to pick one thats too heavy on the spices and go with something a little lighter and more floral,

Lamb & Watt hibiscus tonic water,

Frozen mixed berries,




Method for one glass:

Nothing hard here at all! use a nice big wine or spritz glass if you have one, throw in a hand full of frozen berries. I have used these instead of I’ve, but feel free to add ice too if you wish. Slap a few mint leaves to wake them up and release some of its oils and throw them in along with a nice thick wedge of pink grapefruit. Add a good sized double gin, topped up with a bottle of Lamb & Watt hibiscus tonic water. So tasty!


Cheers, Billy

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