Tasty Travels.

So, it’s been a while since we have posted. We wanted to tell you about our recent travels and everything we tasted on our way, here it goes…


In October last year, we went on a wonderfully romantic trip to Venice, Italy. I heard mixed messages about the culinary and cultural scene, a lot of negative comments about it’s heavily tourist led restaurants and over priced drinks.

I went on my usual pre-holiday research frenzy and found some gems and made a list of where to eat and what to visit.

Il Ridotto was rated high on lots of food blogs, had won some foodie awards and seemed like our more ‘date night’ suited restaurant (with a 4 day trip, we wanted a wide variety of places) On first impressions, we found the atmosphere friendly and inviting. The waitresses suggested an Italian wine and we opted for a tasting menu of five course.

IMG_0967First to be served was a refreshing mackerel dish with textures of fresh tomato and carrots.






IMG_0970 2


Next was the Scallop dish seared and served with pumpkin and tomato purees, topped with crispy black potato sticks. YUM!






Then this delicious pasta dish with seafood bisque. It was creamy yet light. Some of the best pasta I have ever eaten.






IMG_0976 2



This piece of cod was perfectly crispy yet light and fluffy. Served with cabbage and a white wine, garlic sauce.





Last, but not least on the menu – Tiramisu. Vanilla custard ice cream, chocolate crumb, coffee jelly cubes, chocolate mousse and caramel twill. It tasted as amazing as it looks.



We came across a little cafe by Rialto market, after walking for a while over bridges and in and out over archways. This cafe was full of locals and it wasn’t much past midday, the smells and authentic menus got us through the door.

We ordered two mushroom risottos with two Aperol spritz, and soaked up the relaxed Venetian vibe.

IMG_1018 2

We walked down the canal to Rialto market and admired the fresh fish and chaotic chat from one to another.

Yes, Venice is a little tourist heavy and can be expensive but we loved it. You just need to do a little hunting to find the real Venice.


In February, we decided on a last minute trip away for Valentines day. We spent a fantastic five days in Copenhagen, exploring the unexpected foodie hub and enjoying the welcoming company of the locals.  It was a freezing 5 degrees or below but it didn’t dampen the fun; bars and restaurants with roaring fires and duking into markets or museums meant we weren’t cold for long.

The first thing we did, when arriving at breakfast time, was follow the recommendations to visit Kalaset; a little cafe bustling with locals and a long wait to sit down (not to worry though, the bar staff make sure you can perch up on a stool with a delicious coffee to defrost your fingers)

We loved the vegan and vegetarian options here (something that continued to surprise me about Copenhagen – we fell into the myth that its all pickled fish and cured meats!)

Billy went for the popular Mormor, a selection of spicy sausages and bacon, scrambled eggs, cheese, roasted baby potatoes, fruit, bread and yoghurt. I had a rye bread and scrambled egg dish with a side of those wonderful herby roast potatoes. An amazing welcome to food heaven!


The meatpacking district is full of cool and industrial looking buildings in the heart of Copenhagen. We spotted a place called Warpigs, as soon as we walked in we were hit with smell of barbecue food, and automatically perked up and felt ready to get drinking due to the amazing buzz of the place. We had a chat with the barman and ordered a couple of locally brewed beers.

If we hadn’t had booked a place a few doors down, we would have stayed longer.

We tried out a restaurant called Kodbyens Fiskebar, there was a perfect mix of fine dining and chilled dinner in the decor and music.

We ordered a couple of cocktails and went in for a seafood feast.



Haddock roe fried in butter until crisp, served with a herb sauce and textures of egg. I took a risk with this one, as roe is something I thought of as greasy and a chip shop last resort. This dish blew all of those previous roe meals out of the water, really soft and moreish with a salty and citrus balance that worked so well.




Billy went for a seafood selection with fresh fennel shavings and a green risotto.






For main, we both chose the haddock cooked in butter and served with a wild mushroom puree, potato foam and crispy kale. SO good.






On a cold early evening, we were on our way back to the hotel to get ready for dinner when we walked past a charming French Bistro. We went in and admired the huge bookcases and spiral staircase. We settled in for some cheese, chutney and Aperol Spritz. Love a pre-dinner meal and drink…

We walked down Nyhavn, full of people enjoying the views and pouring in and out of the various restaurants, cafes and bars. We decided on a cosy meal in Cap Horn, we sat by the roaring fire and settled in for a few hours of wine, food and relaxing.


I went for a warm and hearty lentil, butternut squash and kale salad topped with a light goats cheese mousse. Was perfect for a cold night by the crackling fire.


Billy had lamb shanks with crispy fried brussel sprouts, bacon and mash. He loved it.




One of our favourite foodie days out was at Papiroen or ‘Paper Island’ as its commonly known. It was one of the best street food markets I have ever been to, none that we have visited in London match up. So many choices of amazing food, for both veggies and meat eaters, amazing bars and pubs with a toasty fire and seating in the centre of it all.



We couldn’t pass up a hot cup of mulled wine in the snow. The skies were bright blue every day!

We both went for a burger and beer. Billy opted for a cheese burger with pickled pink onions and kale. Mine was a vegan pulled pork burger with pickled cucumbers, homemade spicy mayo and topped with crispy plantain (mine was SO much better!)



Billy loved being in charge of the fire and kept adding logs/poking it around…


For Valentines day, and our last meal in an amazing city, we went to the restaurant Vakst.

It’s decor was stunning, like a greenhouse full of plants and the food lived up to the surroundings. We chose to have the special ‘date night’ menu which gave us a selection of wines and food…


This was the ‘starter’. Little crisp potatoes hidden in a thyme plant, Salmon fish roe broth, silver leaf potatoes, rye bread and fresh butter, beetroot crisps.


Main was a pork and fennel dish for Billy, a seasonal veg dish for me and a side of whipped goats cheese.


And then there was dessert – an amazing selection of madeleine cakes, marshmallow and lemon curd, sorbet.



In April, we wanted to get away to some sunshine. We chose a trip to Port d’Alcudia.

It was a beautiful trip full of sunshine, cocktails, seafood and lots of time on our private rooftop with jacuzzi (yep, I know. Showing off)

We went to a lovely little restaurant called Restaurante S’Arc in the old town, we sat in the court yard which was full of twinkly lights and trees. Ate a delicious three course meal and drank a few glasses of Prosecco.


Whilst staying in Port d’Alcudia we were lucky enough to be there at the time of the annual ‘Sepia festival’, a celebration of all things cuttlefish; a local catch at the port. We tried some beautifully crisp cuttlefish croquettes with smokey aioli. It was so exciting to see the town filling the marquee and ordering food and drinking wine.


We spent most afternoons on the beach, walking in and out of cafes and listening to music outside the bars. Billy always ends up with the most extravagant cocktails wherever we are…


That’s all for now, thanks for reading.

Love Kayleigh x


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