BLUESHACK Beers – Chelmsford Brew Co.

Over the past year, Kayleigh and I have been planning our wedding for this August. Through this process and finding our band, ‘Three Mile Hill’, we have stumbled on a budding new brewing company in the heart of Chelmsford.


‘Who are Chelmsford Brew Co. ?’

BLUESHACK Beers – Chelmsford Brew Co. is a small family set up brewing company, located in brewery fields, in Great Baddow. Hans, the bar manager at the Lion Inn in Boreham, decided to set up Chelmsford Brew Co. with a little help from his dad and brother. Having made a fair few home brews in a little blue shack at the end of the garden, and refining some recipes, BlueShack Beers was born.



‘The Big Launch’

BlueShack Beers have currently already been out on sale in the Lion Inn, the Ale house, and most recently Chelmsford Beer and Cider festival. On the 7th March, they had an official launch event at the brewery which we were lucky enough to be invited to! It was a great afternoon, with 5 different brews being offered out, with plenty of snacks and live music from ‘Three Mile Hill’. It was really fun to be talked through the brewing process and actually see the process of their most recent brew, and to smell the hops fresh from the tank!



Currently there are 3 cask ales; (Port Jackson dark ale, Blueshack Pale ale and Blueshack Bitter), and 2 keg beers on offer; (Radio city pale ale and Fou-Fou Red American amber).


I would highly recommend getting down to a venue to try these beers out. The beers are all fantastic and imagine we will see these starting to appear in many other locations around town soon!

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